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November 23rd, 2006 | No Comments »

We had elections today here in the Netherlands. There are some surprising results, not least that we look to have the closest thing we can get to a hung parliament. We have a proportional representation system with a tradition of coalitions, which means it’s practically impossible to get a hung parliament in the British sense of the words.

But this year, more than in previous years, we’ve had a clear definition of two major blocks. The current right of centre government versus the left of centre opposition parties. But enough votes have gone to small parties, that don’t really fit with either of the main potential coalitions, and often not with each other.

Even the two biggest parties, just left and right of centre, would need a third. It’s very rare indeed not to have at least one option for a government that only needs two parties for a majority. That may not always turn out the be the government we get, but usually there is at least a two party option to explore. Now it looks like it will have to be at least three.

Speculations are in full swing already, and we’ll have to see how things turn out. But it certainly does look like we’re in for an interesting time while the new government is formed. Let the spin-doctoring begin!

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