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April 16th, 2007 | No Comments »

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about writing. The reason for that is that I haven’t been doing a lot of it for a while now. I’ve been having what are termed “complaints of a depressed nature” since January, usually the month I’d expect to be productive again after a  post NaNo dip and other obligations in December. I haven’t blogged about those much either for the simple reason that I’m relatively certain it would only make me more depressed.

But I’ve been feeling a little better  lately, and I’ve been doing some writing. One thing I’m rather proud of is that I’ve written an entire short story, during a train journey. The fact that it was written on the train hardly matters as such, but it did mean writing a short story within a few hours. And, with novels as my natural writing length, writing a short story, or more to the point finishing one, in a reasonable amount of time is quite an accomplishment for me. It’s also one of my shortest short stories to date, not much over a thousand words long.

Other than that I’ve decided to get back to two projects at once, trying to finish the second part of my latest NaNoWriMo efforts and getting back to the rewrite on a previous work I hope to get into a publishable condition. I’m not making terribly great speed on either of those projects, but the fact that I’m touching them at all after months of inactivity is encouraging (I hope).

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