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July 9th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

Last night was the first episode of Bonekickers, a new Archaeological drama from the BBC. I find the concept interesting, but having watched the first episode I’m afraid it’s still only the concept I find interesting. Because in that first episode the characters are flat, the writing leaves a lot to be desired in places, and while it does deliver on the action, even that is marred by some rather over the top CGI.

In short then, I could have spent that hour of my life a lot better, thank you very much. Even so I’m going to give it a week to get better. It can either prove itself next Tuesday or I’m through. And the reason it’s getting that week is that, while it was bad, there were some hints that it could get better.

One thing that will have to change is the writing, which focused too much on archaeological technicalities at times. I’m sure these were accurate but there was a bit of showing off. Watching someone wash a piece of cloth (after explaining how the oxidation of some chain mail preserved it) and then put it under UV is rather like watching some kind of scientific erotica.

I once heard a great way to distinguish erotica from a story with an erotic scene in it: if you can replace the scene with “And then they had sex” and not miss anything important, it’s erotica. And this whole sequence could have been replaced with “this was preserved by the oxidation, and look what it shows under UV”. Granted you can’t take that too far without killing the whole show, but some judicious use of this technique would have infinitely improved the pacing.

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