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July 15th, 2008 | 2 Comments »

In my second bit of work on the blog itself for the day I’ve managed to enable Gravatars on all comments. I’ll probably end up tweaking that a little in the near future – unless I end up following my other impulse and redesigning the whole site, rather than just tweaking things – but they’re here anyway.

2 Responses to “Added Gravatars”

  1. Starstuff Says:

    Sweet! If you’re like me, you’ll tweak things here and there and in the end re-design the whole thing. I feel the urge to do that every 4-6 months.

  2. Jarsto Says:

    I probably will, in fact I’m a bit surprised the current design has lasted as long as it has, with very little but occasional changes to the background image for the main area.

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