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July 20th, 2008 | 2 Comments »

Okay so it’s more like 11 days later, but only one episode and, quite frankly, I didn’t really find time to watch the second episode before today. And the amazing thing is, I liked it. There were still some weak spots, but nowhere near as many as there were in the first episode.1

I can’t put my finger very firmly on the differences, but somehow it was easier to suspend disbelieve for this episode, and get drawn into the story. There were a few nagging loose ends (two people suffer weird hallucinations that endanger their lives, but there’s no clue as to who’s behind them), but on the whole the story seemed to run better than last week’s.

There were also some more hints of a continuing storyline starting to emerge. It’s still too early to say whether I’ll like the series as a whole, but I’m definitely going to be sticking around for episode three.
1 See my review here

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  1. KiwiGal Says:

    It was explained. The Bad Americans had, for hundreds of years, used hallucigens to send people crazy. It was their modus operandi. I thought this episode was really good, I must admit.

  2. Jarsto Says:

    I must have missed that explanation KiwiGal, thanks for pointing it out.

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