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August 3rd, 2008 | 7 Comments »

I intend to order some books today. There’s just one problem. I ended up taking a rather dangerous approach to shopping online. When I found out that my favourite online bookstore had added a “bargain basement” section of books between €2.99 and €5.99 I started clicking through them like a kid clicking through a candy store.

As a result I now have close to twenty books sitting in my checkout list. Amazingly even at that the bill would still be just under €100 but that’s rather more than I’m looking to spend right now. So I’m having to do something I rarely do, I’m taking books I like the look of and kicking them out of the list. I’m not sure yet what the total order will be, but it’s going to be less than it is now.

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  1. Starstuff Says:

    Uhoh, I am so familiar with that kind of feeling! Fortunately, through my birthday I am well equipped with books for the next month and after that I have set myself a limit of two to three books per month. Let’s see if I can keep to that.

    BTW, is that favorite book store of yours the big one starting with an A?

  2. Jarsto Says:

    It’s not the big one starting with an A, partly because they don’t have a Dutch “branch” set up. There are of course ways around that but I generally can’t be bothered with the hassle of having stuff shipped internationally. The biggest Dutch equivalent is

    As for being well equipped with books, I measure the books I’ve got sitting around waiting to be read in metres these days, and yes, that is just plain standing on a shelf, no tricks to increase the measurement. The problem isn’t that I don’t read, it’s just that I keep adding books as I read…

    BTW I had a look at some of my bookshelves while typing this comment, and suddenly though of another 5 books on my “buy sometime soon” list. Which would not only undo all the weeding I’ve managed to do so far (I’m down to 14) but also add another €35 to the bill, which is definitely not in the budget right now *sigh*

  3. Starstuff Says:

    Oh, thanks for the hint about BOL. There’s a German page as well, I will give it a look.

    As for the books … metres?!? Wow, I envy you! I don’t even have a shelf for my books, though this might very likely be the next investment I need to take make. The only thing that keeps me from buying every book I like is of course the same reason as it is for you … €€€, or better, lack thereof.

    I do have a “buy sometime list” as well, mainly to keep me from forgetting what I want to buy. But having a birthday list (with Amazon) and sending that to the family can lead to very pleasant results as well 😉

  4. Jarsto Says:

    I’ve got at least 12 metres (quite possibly closer to 14) of books sitting on my shelves. I’d guess about 3 or 4 metres of them are unread, but a lot of that is taken up by reference works or books I was given but wasn’t particularly interested in. So there’s only something like 1.5 to 2 metres actively waiting to be read…

  5. Starstuff Says:

    I think that is the first time I have actually heard someone refer to books to be read by meters 😀 In that case, I am afraid I can only come up with a lousy half-meter. Bur of course, there’s always room for more.

  6. Jarsto Says:

    Well I’m a book addict, no doubt about it. I can pretty much literally walk into any decent bookstore and spend €100 without too much effort – at least I could if I had the budget to do that sort of thing. The other problem these days is that I’m actually pretty much out of shelf space for my books, so I should probably look at adding another bookcase, though that of course means further damage to the budget without any books to show for it – not to mention having to find the space to put the bookcase…

    As for my shopping list, that’s now cut down to 10 books, which may well be what I end up ordering. And no, I haven’t a clue where I’m going to put them yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

  7. Starstuff Says:

    You could always through out less important things like the couch or the bed. I think that a nice huge seat bag can replace both and give you more room for books. Of course, that would be another investment that won’t increase your book count … 😉

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