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I mentioned in my last post – which will actually be posted at the same time as this one – that after the “in lap” trial I was looking forward to trying my new keyboard in bed. I’m still looking forward to that, but when I wrote that I completely forgot one further trial I had coming: writing on a moving train.

And the good news is: this is definitely possible. In fact the major challenge so far is that the tables the train I’m currently in offers are too high – compared to the chairs – to let me type on one of them comfortably for a longer stretch of time. So I’ve moved to writing in my lap again. That’s not the ideal position to be typing either, but right now it’s more comfortable than having to try to keep my arms up the whole time; wasn’t that used as a form of corporeal punishment at some time past?

Anyway, one other point I’ve not blogged yet, unless I’m much mistaken, is the weird position this keyboard gives to the question mark. That’s been shifted around somehow to make room for the cursor keys, wich isn’t a bad reason to move something. The problem however is that this means I keep hitting Shift + Cursor-up when I mean to hit a question mark, which selects a line and then replaces it with the next thing I type. The undo function has kept this from, costing me any words, but it is just a bit annoying.

Another thing that’s annoying me a little right now are occasional “Demo Version” freezes from my screen rotation app. I’m probably going to get the full version pretty soon though. I was working without the rotation for most of the weekend, which meant keeping the PDA upright, and there’s no great problem with that when you’re working on a nice stable table. It’s not even a big problem when working in your lap on solid ground.

But now, typing on a moving train it does make the whole thing a bit wobbly. So I’ve got the screen rotation back on – long story short I had a backup with it in that seemed broken, but managed to get it working again – and I’m typing on a nice stable PDA. It’s not perfect, given the choice of lap or too high table, but it’s good enough to be getting on with for now. So I think I’ll close this post here and do some more writing.

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