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December 9th, 2008 | 5 Comments »

jnl-new-light2 A post by Starstuff reminded me that I’d taken some pictures of my own setup during NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, when I finally dug these out today, it turned out that the ones without the flash were all blurred, while the ones with the flash didn’t adequately display the setting. So I started playing with the lighting and taking some more pictures. There was more light when I took this picture than there usually is when I write, but you should get a good flavour of my setup.

The only real change since NaNo is that my PDA and PDA keyboard are on the desk far more often now. And the pages with character info for my NaNo, which were against the wall where the image of the wolf is, are now gone. Those used to be lit up by the tealights I’ve got there, which was just enough to be able to read them when I needed to look something up.

Now I have to admit this image was altered. No matter what I did with the lighting the screen ended up showing as almost completely white. So in the end I decided to go ahead and improve the image somewhat. What you’re actually seeing there is part screenshot and part photo. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I could do on short notice, and at least it conveys some sense of how I write.

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  1. Starstuff Says:

    Well, like I already told you yesterday, I really like your setup and may try to put your idea into work about raising my own monitor.
    I didn’t notice the image manipulation, so good job on that. I have to confess – and I will write it over at my blog as well – that my image is of course altered too. HDR is just too much fun and only through it I was able to make the content of my screen visible :)

  2. Jarsto Says:

    Let me know how you get on with raising the monitor. It probably won’t make your setup perfect in one go, but it may help some. Just being able to shove the keyboard back by about 20 or 30 centimetres can be a big improvement when writing for longer stretches.

    As for the image manipulation, I like to think that I can be reasonable subtle about it. Once I’d resized the screenshot and turned to to more or less match the monitor on the photo I set it up one it’s own layer and kicked the opacity down by quite a ways to let the light of the monitor come through on the image.

    It’s not perfect – in fact I can still see some reasonably clear signs in the full resolution version of the image. But in the smaller version even I have to look quite carefully to see them, and since I made the image, I actually know where they are to begin with. So I’m reasonably happy with it, and it does the job I wanted it to do: it shows roughly how I have my desktop setup for writing.

  3. Starstuff Says:

    Well, I set everything in motion. One colleague will supply me with the bricks, another one with the ‘plank’. (This must seem pretty cryptic to everyone but us 😀 )

  4. Jarsto Says:

    I guess it may sound cryptic to some. But then the transcended owl does not greet the dawn without reason 😉

  5. Starstuff Says:


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