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My second trip of the Autumn for 2013. My father and I went to the island of Vlieland in the Wadden Sea (of the coast of Friesland). It’s one of the least densely inhabited parts of the Netherlands, and offers quite a bit of natural beauty. Among the more unusual parts of the trip was […]

Vlieland 2013Vlieland 2013Vlieland 2013

I decided to more or less go on tour this autumn as a sort of short vacation. First stayed with my youngest sister for a couple of nights, then went on to Brugge (Bruges) in Belgium, then back to stay with my mother for one night and visit Den Bosch together. There are twelve photos […]

Autumn Trip 2013Autumn Trip 2013Autumn Trip 2013

Uploaded some 8 months after the trip (which took place in October 2011), because I hadn’t found the time to sort out the photos I took on this trip to my liking. This was a family trip to London – quite definitely one of my favourite cities. We went in autumn – October to be […]

London 2011London 2011London 2011

Thanks to a quiet day at work (I got to leave early) and some gorgeous weather I got in a beautiful afternoon tour of the Hortus Botanicus in Haren. I visit those botanical gardens pretty regularly, but don’t often take my camera along (generally settling for occasional snapshots with my phone). But I decided to […]

Hortus Haren 2012Hortus Haren 2012Hortus Haren 2012

From a trip to Andalusia with my father in March 2011. Although we were only there for about four days I still managed to take some 1400 photos. So as you may be able to imagine it was quite a job to edit it down to the selection of fewer than thirty displayed here. This […]

Andalusia 2011Andalusia 2011Andalusia 2011

This is a very small selection from the photos I took on a trip to France in August of 2010. The first four days were in Paris, followed by two in Brittany and two in Normandy. The section in Paris is bracketed by two photos of the Eiffel Tower. I took over 1400 photos during […]

France 2010France 2010France 2010

It was more a whim than any real expectation of taking photos that made me take my camera with me when I went to visit my mother in Apeldoorn, in July of 2008. Even when I decided to take it along when we went for a walk it was mainly a whim. But sometimes whims […]

Apeldoorn 2008Apeldoorn 2008Apeldoorn 2008

This trip was the last big job for my old camera. It was also a gorgeous time to be in Rome. It was a warm week in January and as a result it was quite pleasant to walk around Rome without a coat on. Though it’s not a very nice instinct, part of me did […]

Rome 2005Rome 2005Rome 2005

I took these photos in Workum, here in the Netherlands, where my father lives in August of 2007. For a couple of years ring rijden (ring riding) had been an anual event there. Horse drawn wagons and carriages, some complete with people in period dress, compete with each other. The goal is to go down […]

Rings 2007Rings 2007Rings 2007

As the title says, these are from a trip to Berlin, taken in May 2007. I was especially happy with my photos from this trip because they were the first batch shot with my new camera, bought about half a day before leaving. What you’re seeing here is just a small selection. Just 25 out […]

Berlin 2007Berlin 2007Berlin 2007

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