I first came across the lists used below when they were handed out during the Holland & Belgium NaNoWriMo kick-off party some years back. They were fun, and included a random number generating grid, but at some point I decided to take them one step further, by writing a little PHP function to randomly select one item from each list. Originally created for the DutchNaNo site, where it can be found here.

I don’t know who originally wrote the lists below, but all the real credit of course belongs to those unknown writers. People who want to see the full original lists can find them, among other places, in the resources section for National Novel Finishing Month.

If you know who originally created these lists, or have a suggestion for another list to add, please use the comments section below to tell me about it.

Rescuing Your Plot

94: Two characters who hate each other are forced to share a cramped space (car, hotel room, elevator).


53: Jerusalem

Plot Elements

21: a drowning

Character Traits

26: disabled


37: gambler

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